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coaching de vie femme

A fulfilling life

Are you ready to live fully, in harmony with who you are?

I coach women who want to live with ease, understand what is important to them and live in accordance with their values.

From the outside, everything seems to be fine, but although you have checked all the boxes, you do not feel fully fulfilled in your life.

Maybe you think...

... that, overall, everything is fine, that there are worse situations and, yet, you feel something is lacking in your life.

... that you fulfill all your roles as a woman on a daily basis but you have lost sight of your purpose.

... that you are having trouble managing your life since returning to work after having your children.

... that you have devoted yourself fully to your children but time flies, that they are becoming more and more independent and you would like now to think of your own new projects.

... that, after a big change (moving, divorce, mourning ...), you are immersed in a new life without actually defining your new "normality".

... that you have almost everything to be happy but you don't really know what you are missing.

Do you find yourself ...

... being too sensitive,

... asking yourself too many questions,

... having a too intense inner life,

... being influenced by other people's opinions,

... constantly analysing everything,

... wanting everything to be perfect,

... being very emotional,

... not taking full advantage of your energy,

... no longer being aligned with your values and your purpose?

Are all of these thoughts holding you back from living your own life, here and now ?

I accompany you in finding this alignment, to help you vibrate with serenity. Together, we will identify what really matters to you and your goals. Then we will trace the path to get there. I will guide you to adjust your thoughts and lead you to more assured choices. I will be the guardian of this positive momentum to maintain motivation, and learn to overcome obstacles.

Being coached is an exciting, empowering and sometimes surprising experience, it's a challenge worth living!

I will try to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination :-)

Do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about your projects, your wishes, your fears, I will be delighted to discuss with you and help you find the keys to your personal success.


The first session is free!

This discovery session lasts about 1h30. Before starting a coaching program, it is important that you choose the coach who is right for you.  So, during this session, we get to know each other and it also allows you to discover what coaching is with me. Then it's up to you!

If you decide to continue this journey with me, we will define together a program that suits you and adapts to your requirements and your life.

coaching et développement personnel pour les femmes
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