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My Focus - Your Success

face to face sessions

coaching personnel en présentiel

over the phone

coaching à distance, séance de coaching par téléphone ou en visio, téléconsultation

or outdoor sessions


Create the life that suits you!
Are you ready and willing to make a real positive change?

Whether it is a challenge to go even further, to be more efficient or


To solve difficulties, to overcome roadblocks,

To explore your situation, to find out how you want to present yourself in the world in accordance with your deepest values,


I offer powerful coaching solutions for personal and professional development.


Coaching is practical and its success is measured by the results of the actions you take. « The best way to predict the future is to create it. »

Participating in these coaching programs or workshops involves getting back to the essence of our functioning and questioning our personal habits. Coaching allows new ideas and understandings to emerge and thus create new habits that will make you more efficient in both your personal and professional life.

Personal development



Useful habits

Spiritual Development


Optimisation of working methods


Les clés du succès

Stress management

Personal project


Time management

Performance optimisation





You are a private individual

You are a business

coaching personnel, coaching de vie
coaching professionnel, coaching en entreprise, Neuroleadership

The first coaching session is free!

My Services

My ambition, my passion is to help you fully reveal your potential and your talents and maximise your well-being. I am specialised in personal coaching for individuals and in the corporate environment. I also offer personal and professional development workshops. All my programs are based on neuroscience and well-being.

I am located in Montauroux on the French Riviera. The coaching sessions can take place in my office, at your place, in your business environment, on the phone or through videoconference. Passionate about nature, I also offer outdoor coaching sessions,  while walking or hiking.

I also work for "Arnera Consulting". I focus on personal success and Patrice on corporate success. As both are often strongly linked, we work as a team to provide you with the best services.

Lena Arnera Coach Professionel

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