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Self-coaching tools

Become your own coach: develop mindfulness and take action.

You are not sure you want to start a process with a coach, yet you want to develop new habits, create new circumstances in your life?

Self-coaching allows you to set up, independently and at your own pace, the experience to embrace those changes you want to see in your life. This personal development process allows you to transform your mindset, your habits and activate your personal resources. The advantage of self-coaching is also to stimulate the notion of personal work and to develop your self-discipline.

I propose to give you a little help with complete programs to be carried out in total autonomy.

a manual, some tools and exercices

possibility of support by email included

A workbook to implement the tools immediately
In this booklet, you will find notions of neuroscience to better understand our internal mechanisms and apprehend change, some tools and exercises. The exercises are based on thinking, creativity, action and visualisation. You progress at your own pace and you have time to integrate the concepts and do the exercises before moving on to the next one. This personal tool promotes autonomy allowing everyone to develop their own actions, those that will suit you and, above all, that you will enjoy practicing.

Email support included
If you wish, we will have the possibility of communicating by email. So you can ask me questions or share your experiences.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information !

Optional: an individual coaching session to exchange and anchor these new habits. You can book this session at the special rate of €70 once your workbook downloaded.

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