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Coaching in Connection with Nature

Experience a coaching session while walking in nature with your coach: walk and talk coaching.

Changing your environment even just for a few hours, especially walking in the countryside, is revitalising. Nature, through its beauty, its sounds and its smells, is considered as a source of relaxation and pleasure. Many scientific researches confirm that its attributes have a positive impact on our well-being, our emotions and cognitive functions. Getting away from our usual setting, recurring or constant requests and immersing ourselves in nature is relaxing, inspiring and frees our creativity. Other studies also demonstrate how connecting with nature and mindfulness help us find focus, alignment between needs, values, goals and action, strengthening our decision-making skills and self-esteem.

Imagine a walk, an invitation to personal development, in a natural setting with, by your side, a professional coach who opens up a different space for thinking. Coaching in the great outdoors is a way of serving thoughts. Immersion in nature has a positive impact on your general well-being. Physical exercise allows better oxygenation of your body and brain, making it easier to relax and think. And the coach is here to accompany  you with positive energy, to listen to you and to guide you in order to facilitate your thinking, challenge your beliefs, free your creativity, strengthen your natural skills and push your limits even further.

Also, it is often easier to open up when talking while walking rather than sitting face to face. The natural setting inspires freedom and invites exploration. The fact of being on the move, in a set direction, supports the thinking process.

Come with me on a hike coaching session!

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Nature Coaching
Coaching & Hiking

coaching en pleine nature

Hike Coaching - Nature Coaching


Whether it is a personal or professional approach, an individual or small group request, this coaching solution adapts completely to you and your needs so that you leave relaxed and energized.

  • Objective: take a step back, take stock, challenge yourself, be ready to make decisions and get into action.

  • Number of participants: 1 to 2 (with a common issue)

  • Location: PACA region, precise location to be determined together

  • Duration: from 1h30 to 4h according to the chosen hike, to be determined according to the needs and constraints

  • Physical conditions: all conditions. I choose the location, itinerary according to you and your level (from a walk to a trek) and I adapt to your pace.

  • Weather conditions: all! In all seasons, in good weather, under the rain or snow ... unless you don't want to ;-)

Passionate about nature, hiking, traveling, discoveries and adventures, this program is particularly close to my heart. Our beautiful region offers us many possibilities to escape together for a walk or a hike.

This is a tailor-made coaching program.

- The number of sessions and the duration of the program are to be defined together. The" nature coaching" offer  can be a single session or a program of a series of coaching sessions. This program can take place in hike coaching sessions only or alternating with traditional face-to-face or remote sessions (by phone or video).

- We will choose the hiking location together according to the objective of the session, your availability and your physical level.

Do not hesitate to contact me. We will discuss your needs, your desires and thus, decide on the paths we will take together.

Price: to be determined according to location, duration, logistics and frequency.

To give you an idea,

  • a 2 hour walk close to St Cezaire sur Siagne: 100 €

  • a 2-hour hike on the coast of St Tropez: 175 €

  • a 4-hour hike around the Baou de St Jeannet: € 250

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