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Personal Coaching

Life coaching.

The aim of working with a personal coach or life coach is to help you reach your full potential as well as specific goals, but also, to create new useful and empowering habits. The idea is to facilitate positive change by improving thinking and behavioural habits.

I use a coaching method based on well-being and neuroscience (NeuroLeadership Institute).

Together, we form a professional alliance to help you state your starting point, define what you want to achieve and, of course, plan your success.

As a personal coach, my role is to facilitate your thinking and never tell you how to live your life, how to think or behave. I guide you in your thinking, your actions and, therefore, the willing change. It is all about exploring together, developing awareness and growing.

We know that success is not static. Coaching allows us to embed the fundamentals of our own success

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The first session is free!

This discovery session lasts about 1h30. Before starting a coaching program, it is important that you choose the coach who is right for you. It is for this reason that I offer this session. So we can get to know each other and it also allows you to discover what coaching is with me. Then it's up to you!

If you decide to continue this journey with me, together we will define a program that suits you and adapts to you and your life. Do not hesitate to contact me for a tailor-made support.

The sessions can take place at the office, a place of your choice, by phone, even outdoor while hiking or we can also choose a combination of these possibilities.

Programme de coaching

Coaching Program 

The Coaching Program is a commitment to

  • 12 coaching sessions,

  • of about 1h30 each,

  • for a period of about 3 months.

During this program, we cover both personal and professional areas in a holistic manner, considering your life as a whole. I support you in identifying your specific objectives, your strengths and your areas of opportunity.


The sessions usually take place weekly or every 2 weeks. This period of about 3 months allows us to work on goals meaningful enough to make a real difference in your life without losing motivation.

The first session is free. It is the opportunity to get to know each other, define our partnership and plan the next steps if we wish to work together. 

Fees: 960 € for the 12 sessions

The first session is free and without any commitment.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more info.

Coaching ponctuel

One-Off Coaching

One-Off Coaching enables you to benefit from a single coaching session. It is the opportunity to have a conversation with a coach in order to facilitate your thinking on a particular subject. 


This conversation is not a mentoring session but a coaching session, which means that my aim is to improve the understanding of the issue and to guide you in your analysis so you can come up with your own conclusions.


This session can last between 1 and 2 hours. We can also schedule a follow up session if you feel the need. 


Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

It is recommended to have already been coached before to carry out a one-off coaching session.

Fees: 110 € per session

Discover my personal development  program dedicated to women

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Discover coaching in connection with nature

Imagine an invitation to personal development in a natural setting.

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What neuroscience brings to coaching


The goal of coaching is to facilitate change and create new, useful and sustainable habits. In fact, it is about creating and strengthening new neural connections.


Neuroscience provides us with a better knowledge and understanding of our cerebral processes and thus allows us to reach change more efficiently. Indeed, one of the roles of the coach is to help you have a better awareness of yourself ; by helping you better understand the functioning of your brain, the coach activates a more important and, above all, more sustainable capacity to motivate and learn.


Neuroscience also allows the coach to exercise tailor-made coaching. The coach can indeed suggest you methods adapted and unique to your own processes and encourage behaviours or habits to strengthen some of your neural pathways.

Coach de vie

Goal focused

coaching de vie

Action orientated

coaching neuroscience

Brain-based approach

coaching nature, coaching et randonnée

Unlimited support

coach de vie, coach personnel
coaching à distance, coaching par telephone, coaching en ligne

In person or by phone

rando coaching, coaching et nature, coaching en extérieur


coach personnel certifié

Self-directed learning

marche et coaching, rando-coaching, nature coaching

Positive feedback

coaching et nature

Solution focused

developpement personnel, nature coaching