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Coaching de couple randonnée

A harmonious relationship

Couple Coaching in Connection with Nature

Your relationship may be going through some difficulties and you would like to reconnect as a couple?

You simply want to build a project together, to challenge yourselves together, to strengthen your relationship?

I suggest you try couple coaching in connection with nature.

Being a couple, living as a couple, getting married, starting a family… are wonderful experiences that we want to live fully. Sometimes conflicts, tensions, misunderstandings, doubts, and arguments appear within the couple. It is part of life as much as all the joys, surprises, or pride, excitement, fulfilment that we can feel. In fact, working as a pair within a couple or even a family is not always easy.

Even if the love is strong, these issues can sometimes undermine us and weaken our relationship and even put it at risk.

Do you find ...

... yourself always arguing for the same reasons,

... that you no longer share the same interests, the same values,

... that you are not able to communicate properly anymore, to have a constructive and kind conversation,

... that you no longer live at the same pace, 

... that you move away from each other,

... that you cannot put up with this routine anymore,

... that you have more and more doubts,

... that you lack acknowledgements for what you do and who you are,

... that the flame is dying out,

... that you don't know what to do or where to start to improve the situation?

We know that everyday life brings its share of difficulties and stress with obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. All couples go through rough patches, more or less difficult and painful. Occasionally calling on the skills of a professional coach can help you regain the harmony in your couple.

It can also happen that the couple is fine but needs a helping hand to make decisions, commitments or build a common project.

I offer to accompany you to help you take a step back, take stock and take the direction that suits you best without losing sight of your relationship. The goal is to reconnect as a couple while remaining yourselves.

A different kind of coaching for couples.

Nature coaching or hike coaching is a way to facilitate coaching sessions in connection with nature. We leave,  just the 3 of us, for a beautiful walk or hike during which I will guide you in your thinking.

All sessions are unique as I adapt them to you and your goals as a couple. My mission is to help you take a step back from your situation, better understand yourselves, improve communication, reveal your personal and joint responsibilities and to guide you towards the right decisions, in order to overcome conflicts and restore the harmony in your couple.


Being coached while walking outdoor is an exciting, rich and sometimes surprising experience , it's a challenge worth living! Most of the time, one or two sessions are enough to considerably improve your relationship. I will make you enjoy the journey as much as the destination :-)

What is the difference between couple therapy and couple coaching?

Couple coaching and couple therapy seem very similar because they help resolve conflicts and issues in a couple. However, there is a difference between the two and it refers to their main purpose.

The therapy is more focused on the past and allows couples to heal from these issues of the past and identify the factors that made them who they are today. Therapy puts more emphasis on the emotional side of things and doesn't have a fixed goal in mind.

The goals of couple coaching are generally defined by the clients. Couple coaching aims to facilitate the thinking of the couple in order to identify the difficulties, the obstacles and to overcome them to move towards their common objectives.

In therapy couples will learn to let go of their old burdens, while in coaching they will learn new methods and perspectives to overcome roadblocks and move forward.

coaching de couple et therapie de couple

Ready to try the adventure of couple coaching in connection with nature?

First, we will set up a telephone meeting of about 30 minutes so that you can explain your situation to me and so I will make you a coaching proposal adapted to your needs and your constraints. This session is completely free. It allows us to get to know each other and help you decide if you want to engage in this coaching experience. Then, if you want to try the adventure, we will define a program together.

Do not hesitate to contact me , I will be delighted to discuss with you and help you find the keys to strengthen your relationship.

Price: to be determined according to location, duration, logistics and frequency.

To give you an idea,

  • a 2 hour walk to St Cezaire sur Siagne: 160 €

  • a 2-hour hike on the coast of St Tropez: 210 €

  • a 4-hour hike to the Baou de St Jeannet: 320 €

coaching de couple en pleine nature
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