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Étudiant heureux

Well being

Student Coaching

School or student coaching is a personalised support which aims to both optimise your  well-being  and to mobilise all your talents to better succeed in your studies or your personal / professional projects.

What I mean by "student coaching" is, in fact a tailor-made coaching for young people, promoting questioning and reflection to enable you to overcome your existing challenges and achieve the objective(s) you have set for yourself.

Student coaching is an adapted, personalised and effective support for issues such as lack of confidence, motivation, organization, methodology but not only! In coaching we approach the individual as a whole. So, indeed, we can deal with these subjects but while relying on your personality and your own projects or aspirations.

The approach can come from the student himself or herself or, from the parents who want to give a boost to their child's project or who notice discomfort, stress,  demotivation, absenteeism or even organisational problems. Student coaching can also be recommended for the preparation of an exam, a competition or an oral, to build a professional project, or to prepare for the world of work.  Student coaching can take place at any time of the year.

In short, student coaching allows you, in a few sessions, to find solutions that are specific to you and the obstacles that hinder your success or your development.

The 4 essential components of student coaching:

- the foundations of your  well-being, 

- the mobilisation of your resources,

- research and implementation of specific solutions,

- the development of the student's autonomy.​​

The first step is an initial contact to introduce ourselves. Then, if you are interested, we can plan a discovery session. This session is free and without obligation because  being comfortable and having a good "feeling" with the coach is essential!  During this session,we determine together the objectives to be achieved and this allows you to discover what coaching is with me. If you want to continue the adventure, we will then establish a personalised program and work on the means to achieve it. 

Trained in neuroscience, I will explain to you, throughout the coaching, the functioning of your brain and especially its impact on your behaviour. This will make it easier for you to take a step back and initiate positive change.

As a coach, I help you identify and implement the best learning strategies to improve your school and university performance while optimising your well-being.

My profile : mother of 3 children, it is particularly important to me to help young people to better understand themselves and to develop personally and professionally. I also wrote a book "My extraordinary adventures in the center of the brain" which is aimed at teenagers and which is an introduction to personal development through a novel. I also developed a school method taught in international schools to support middle school students in personal development and leadership. I also teach Neuroleadership at university.

Do not hesitate  not to contact me, I would be delighted to discuss with you.

Fees: 50 € per session

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