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Executive Coaching & Workshops

Personal development in corporate environment.

My goal is to help both people and businesses reach their full potential. I offer coaching programs and workshops to accelerate progress towards your goals and to embed the fundamentals (knowledge and behaviours) of your personal success.


Neuroscience and “self-intelligence” are the essence of all my programs. It's not just about "boosting" your performance for a specific goal, it's about building solid foundations that will permanently support your performance and wellbeing.

I offer a tailor-made service dedicated to businesses. Together, we will define your needs and choose the most suitable program.

These programs can be combined.

You will find below the details of each of my services:

- classic individual coaching sessions for you and your team,

- individual or small group outdoor coaching sessions, that we call hike coaching or nature coaching,

- neuroleadership and self-intelligence workshops to go even further together.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Coaching Professionnel

Executive Coaching

Personal coaching in a corporate environment.

Working in a team means working with individuals who each have their own personality. There are training courses to develop professional skills but, in the end, you make the difference.

Strengthen the added value of each member of the team to increase the company's added value.

The aim of working with a personal coach is to help you reach your full potential as well as specific goals, but also, to create new useful and empowering habits. The idea is to facilitate positive change by improving thinking and behavioural habits.

I use a coaching method based on neuroscience (NeuroLeadership Institute), which means that I rely on knowledge of the brain functioning to optimise conversations, thinking and actions.  Indeed, it is our unconscious mechanisms that control most of our behaviours, choices, emotions and decisions; during our partnership, I do not hesitate to share these concepts with you, in order for you to fully operate, understand and embed the change.

Together, we form a professional alliance to help you state your starting point, define what you want to achieve and, of course, plan your success.

As a personal coach, my role is to facilitate your thinking and never tell you how to live your life, how to think or behave. I guide you in your thinking, your actions and, therefore, the willing change. It is all about exploring together, developing awareness and growing.

We know that success is not static. Coaching allows us to embed the fundamentals of our own success

Coaching Program 

A Coaching Program is a commitment of several sessions. During this program, we cover both personal and professional areas. This period of engagement allows us to work on meaningful goals and maintain the momentum to make a real difference without losing motivation.

4 options to choose from:

- a program of 12 sessions over approximately 4 months

Price: 2000€ excl. VAT

- a program of 3 sessions/month over 6 months

Price: 450€/month excl. VAT

- - a program of 2 sessions/month over 6 months

Price: 340€/month excl. VAT

- a program of 1 session/month over 12 months

Price: 180€/month excl. VAT

Decreasing rates available for several employees within the same structure. 

One-Off Coaching

One-Off Coaching enables you to benefit from a single coaching session. It is the opportunity to have a conversation with a coach in order to facilitate your thinking on a particular subject. 


This conversation is not a mentoring session but a coaching session. This means that my aim is to improve the understanding of the issue, to guide you in your analysis, to optimise the strategies and to support your actions.


This session can last up to 1h30.


We can also schedule a follow up session if you feel the need. 


Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Fees: 200€ excl. VAT per session

Coaching nature

Coaching in Connection with Nature

Experience a coaching session while walking in nature with your coach: walk and talk coaching.

Changing your environment even just for a few hours, especially walking in the countryside, is revitalising. Nature, through its beauty, its sounds and its smells, is considered as a source of relaxation and pleasure. Many scientific researches confirm that its attributes have a positive impact on our well-being, our emotions and cognitive functions. Getting away from our usual setting, recurring or constant requests and immersing ourselves in nature is relaxing, inspiring and frees our creativity. Other studies also demonstrate how connecting with nature and mindfulness help us find focus, alignment between needs, values, goals and action, strengthening our communication skills, our decision-making skills and self-esteem.

Our ancestors already knew what neuroscience tells us today: the human brain is wired to be in tune with nature. We just have to learn again how to connect to this nature. Thus, we can define our place and status in the broader context of all of our relationships.

Imagine a walk, an invitation to personal development, in a natural setting with, by your side, a professional coach who opens up a different space for thinking. Coaching in the great outdoors is a way of serving thoughts. Immersion in nature has a positive impact on your general well-being. Physical exercise allows better oxygenation of your body and brain, making it easier to relax and think. And the coach is here to accompany  you with positive energy, to listen to you and to guide you in order to facilitate your thinking, your communication, challenge your beliefs, free your creativity, strengthen your natural skills and push your limits even further.

Also, it is often easier to open up when talking while walking rather than sitting face to face. The natural setting inspires freedom and invites exploration. The fact of being on the move, in a set direction, supports the thinking process.

Come with me on a hiking coaching session!

coach de vie Grasse Cote d'Azur

Nature Coaching
Coaching & Hiking

Hike Coaching - Nature Coaching


Whether it is an individual or small group request, this coaching solution adapts completely to you and your needs so that you leave relaxed, energized and with solutions.

  • Objective: take a step back, take stock, challenge yourself, be ready to make decisions and get into action.

  • Number of participants: 1 to 2 (with a common issue)

  • Location: PACA region, precise location to be determined together

  • Duration: from 1h30 to 6h according to the chosen hike, to be determined according to the needs and constraints

  • Physical conditions: all conditions. I choose the location, itinerary according to you and your level (from a walk to a trek) and I adapt to your pace.

  • Weather conditions: all! In all seasons, in good weather, under the rain or snow ...

Passionate about nature, hiking, traveling, discoveries and adventures, this program is particularly close to my heart. Our beautiful region offers us many possibilities to escape together for a walk or a hike.

This is a tailor-made coaching program.

- The number of sessions and the duration of the program are to be defined together. The" nature coaching" offer  can be a single session or a program of a series of coaching sessions. This program can take place in hike coaching sessions only or alternating with traditional face-to-face or remote sessions (by phone or video).

- We will choose the hiking location together according to the objective of the session, your availability and your physical level.

Do not hesitate to contact me. We will discuss your needs and thus, decide on the paths we will take together.

Price: to be determined according to location, duration, logistics and frequency.

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Ateliers Professionnels

Workshops & Seminars

Promoting wellbeing and boosting our performances.

These workshops aim to deepen our knowledge about neuroscience, thus our understanding of our own internal processes and therefore their impact on our behaviour, our communication, our decisions and our performance. The idea is to use this knowledge to create our own new, useful, powerful and lasting habits and develop our skills in all areas of our life. This is what we call NeuroLeadership.

I offer 2 different kinds of workshops: a one-off workshop to boost your performance (Neuroleadership) and a real challenge over 6 weeks to promote everyone's wellbeing, as the foundations of your performance.

Peak Performance
Foundations Challenge

  • Purpose: to build strong foundations that will enable you to reach Peak Performance at all times.

  • Participants : professionnals

  • Number of participants : from 1 to 6

  • Duration : 6 weeks (2 hours workshop, once a week)

These 6 weeks are designed to be a fun and stimulating experience, giving you the opportunity to develop your Self Intelligence.


Developing the skills to know ourselves, to understand how our mind and body function (self-knowledge) and to make the best use of it (self-management) is our key to personal success..


Self-Knowledge+ Self-Management

= Personal Success

By the end of the challenge you will have developed new strategies and habits to maximise results and achieve fulfilment. 

The first part of each session is about theory. We cover many topics such as time management, emotion management, decision making, collaboration, conflict management, motivation, mindfulness and many more. As science into the mind and the brain develops, neuroscience helps us gain insight into our behaviour, memory and emotions enabling us to better understand how we think, what drives our behaviour and how to create positive change. But the challenge doesn’t stop at neuroscience; it encapsulates so many theories and practices also from psychology, physiology as well as proven leadership and coaching programs. I share my knowledge and also give you the opportunity to share yours, so we can strengthen our foundations together.

The second part of the sessions is about how to bring the theory to life. I provide you with tools and strategies to promote reflection, learning and action. I also offer a coaching conversation about how to practice and hardwire new behaviours in the best possible way for you. 


The practical exercices, designed to fit in your everyday life, allow you to test what you learn each session. 


Just have an open mind, and give things a try. By learning, then taking action, one step at a time, you can expect great changes! 

Fees: 2000€ excl. VAT


  • Purpose: to develop our understanding of the functioning of the brain in order to improve our communication, collaboration, work and life habits in general.

  • Participants: professionals, teachers

  • Number of participants: from 1 to 10

  • Duration: 3h

This workshop is the opportunity to discover the science behind our own processes and develop our skills in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. I present you the neuroscientific knowledge that is key to our understanding of our behaviours and those of others. Then we discuss the impact on our communication, our relationships, our leadership. And, of course, we discuss together strategies to optimise your habits and make them sustainable.

Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods

maxim of the temple of Delphi

This workshop is a personal development activity that allows us to get to know ourselves better but also to better understand the functioning of human beings in general. This, of course, in order to optimise our own behaviour but also communication and interaction with those around us. As a leader, it is important to know how to address others, how to motivate them, coach them and guide them to action and success.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. The workshops adapt to the group.

Fees: 600€ excl. VAT

What neuroscience brings to coaching


The goal of coaching is to facilitate change and create new, useful and sustainable habits. In fact, it is about creating and strengthening new neural connections.


Neuroscience provides us with a better knowledge and understanding of our cerebral processes and thus allows us to reach change more efficiently. Indeed, one of the roles of the coach is to help you have a better awareness of yourself ; by helping you better understand the functioning of your brain, the coach activates a more important and, above all, more sustainable capacity to motivate and learn.


Neuroscience also allows the coach to exercise tailor-made coaching. The coach can indeed suggest you methods adapted and unique to your own processes and encourage behaviours or habits to strengthen some of your neural pathways.

Coaching professionnel

Goal focused

coaching en entreprise

Action orientated

coaching neuroscience

Brain-based approach

coach en entreprise

Self-directed learning

coach professionnel certifié

Solution focused

coaching professionnel en pleine nature

Unlimited support

coaching individuel en entreprise
coaching à distance, coaching en ligne, coaching par telephone

In person or by phone

coaching individuel en entreprise


coaching en entreprise

Positive feedback

coaching neuroleadership


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