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Personal Coaching

Personal development.

The personal development programs that I offer aim to improve your self-knowledge, enhance your talents and potential, improve your quality of life and achieve your aspirations and dreams.

For this, I use a coaching method based on well-being and neuroscience (NeuroLeadership Institute).

I provide individual coaching sessions at my office, in your home, by phone or in the great outdoors (hiking coaching). We can of course also plan a combination of sessions in person, by phone and outside.

I also run personal development workshops in small groups (with friends, family or on registration at fixed dates).

I invite you to discover these programs by clicking on the links below.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a
tailor-made program

We will define together a program that suits you and your life.

What neuroscience brings to coaching


The goal of coaching is to facilitate change and create new, useful and sustainable habits. In fact, it is about creating and strengthening new neural connections.


Neuroscience provides us with a better knowledge and understanding of our cerebral processes and thus allows us to reach change more efficiently. Indeed, one of the roles of the coach is to help you have a better awareness of yourself ; by helping you better understand the functioning of your brain, the coach activates a more important and, above all, more sustainable capacity to motivate and learn.


Neuroscience also allows the coach to exercise tailor-made coaching. The coach can indeed suggest you methods adapted and unique to your own processes and encourage behaviours or habits to strengthen some of your neural pathways.

Coach de vie

Goal focused

coaching de vie

Action orientated

coaching neuroscience

Brain-based approach

coaching nature, coaching et randonnée

Unlimited support

coach de vie, coach personnel
coaching à distance, coaching par telephone, coaching en ligne

In person or by phone

rando coaching, coaching et nature, coaching en extérieur


coach personnel certifié

Self-directed learning

marche et coaching, rando-coaching, nature coaching

Positive feedback

coaching et nature

Solution focused

developpement personnel, nature coaching


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