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Self-Intelligence Workshops

Transform our life through neuroscience and well-being foundations.

I offer 2 different kinds of workshops: a one-off workshop to boost your performance and a real challenge over 6 weeks. These workshops aim to deepen our knowledge of neuroscience, thus our understanding of our own internal processes and therefore their impact on our behaviour, our communication, our decisions and our performance. The idea is to use this knowledge to create our own new, useful, powerful and lasting habits and develop our skills in all areas of our life.

During these workshops, I will help you to 

- be aware of the weight of emotions on your daily life 

- discover the importance of our 5 senses 

- understand how beliefs determine your life 

- tackle internal blockages 

- reduce stress 

- maximize your energy 

- optimize your motivation 

- maximize your concentration -

- achieve a professional / private / family life balance 

- launch a project 

- improve communication and create stronger relationships within your family and at work 

- regain control 

- reconnect with your values and set goals 

- enhance and develop your talents 

- develop habits for a healthy mind in a healthy body 

- and above all, to be fulfilled and happy!

developpement personnel

6 Weeks Workshop

  • Purpose: build strong foundations to your well-being 

  • Participants : individuals

  • Number of participants : from 1 to 6

  • Duration : 6 weeks (2 hours workshop, once a week)

This is your opportunity to challenge yourself, better understand yourselves and start a positive change

These 6 weeks are designed to be a fun and stimulating experience, giving you the opportunity to develop your Self Intelligence.


Developing the skills to know ourselves, to understand how our mind and body function (self-knowledge) and to make the best use of it (self-management) is our key to personal success..

By the end of the challenge you will have developed new strategies and habits to maximise results and achieve fulfilment. 

The first part of each session is about theory. We cover many topics such as emotions, time, others, roadblocks, motivation, mindfulness and many more As science into the mind and the brain develops, neuroscience helps us gain insight into our behaviour, memory and emotions enabling us to better understand how we think, what drives our behaviour and how to create positive change. But the challenge doesn’t stop at neuroscience; it encapsulates so many theories and practices also from psychology, physiology, nutrition as well as proven leadership and coaching programs. I share my knowledge and also give you the opportunity to share yours, so we can strengthen our foundations together.

The second part of the sessions is about how to bring the theory to life. I provide you with tools and strategies to promote reflection, learning and action. I also offer a coaching conversation about how to practice and hardwire new behaviours in the best possible way for you. 


The practical exercices, designed to fit in your everyday life, allow you to test what you learn each session. 


Just have an open mind, and give things a try. By learning, then taking action, one step at a time, you can expect great changes! 


- 1 participant: 960 €

- 2 to 3 participants 1300 € per workshop

- 4 to 6 participants : 1600 € per workshop

atelier neuroleadership


  • Purpose: to develop our understanding of the functioning of the brain in order to improve our communication, collaboration, work and life habits in general.

  • Participants: individuals

  • Number of participants: from 1 to 10

  • Duration: 3h

This workshop is the opportunity to discover the science behind our own processes and develop our skills in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. I present you the neuroscientific knowledge that is key to our understanding of our behaviours and those of others. Then we discuss the impact on our communication, our relationships, our leadership as an individual, a professional, a teacher or even a parent. And, of course, we discuss together strategies to optimise your habits and make them sustainable.

Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods

maxim of the temple of Delphi

This workshop is a personal development activity that allows us to get to know ourselves better but also to better understand the functioning of human beings in general. This, of course, in order to optimise our own behaviour but also communication and interaction with those around us. Whether at work or in personal life, as a manager or a parent, it is important to know how to address others, how to motivate them, coach them and guide them to action and success.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. The workshops adapt to the group.


- 1 to 5 participants: 300 € per workshop

- 6 to 10 participants: 50 € per person

What neuroscience brings to coaching


The goal of coaching is to facilitate change and create new, useful and sustainable habits. In fact, it is about creating and strengthening new neural connections.


Neuroscience provides us with a better knowledge and understanding of our cerebral processes and thus allows us to reach change more efficiently. Indeed, one of the roles of the coach is to help you have a better awareness of yourself ; by helping you better understand the functioning of your brain, the coach activates a more important and, above all, more sustainable capacity to motivate and learn.


Neuroscience also allows the coach to exercise tailor-made coaching. The coach can indeed suggest you methods adapted and unique to your own processes and encourage behaviours or habits to strengthen some of your neural pathways.

Coach de vie à Montauroux

Goal focused

coaching de vie à Fayence

Action orientated

méthode de coaching basée sur les neuroscience

Brain-based approach

coaching nature, coaching et randonnée

Unlimited support

coach de vie, coach personnel
coaching à distance, coaching par telephone, coaching en ligne

In person or by phone

rando coaching, coaching et nature, coaching en extérieur


coach personnel certifié

Self-directed learning

marche et coaching, rando-coaching, nature coaching

Positive feedback

coaching et nature

Solution focused

developpement personnel, nature coaching


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